Zoo is a global thriller about a wave of violent animal attacks against humans sweeping the planet. Jackson Oz is a young, renegade American zoologist who spends his days running safaris in the wilds of Africa when he begins noticing the strange behavior of the animals. As the assaults become more cunning, coordinated and ferocious, he is thrust into the race to unlock the mystery of the pandemic before there’s no place left for people to hide.


Zoo Season 3 Episode 8

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While Logan tries to determine how the Black Forest hikers died, the jet suffers a series of malfunctions. Meanwhile, Abigail taunts Jackson in an attempt to get him to use his animal control powers and provide her with the missing piece of the puzzle.

Zoo Season 3 Episode 7

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After rescuing Isaac and the other children, the team travels to Peru to find the first of the three remaining hybrids and meet a familiar face. Meanwhile, Abe and Dariela try to work out their marital difficulties, and complications arise with Clem’s baby.

Zoo Season 3 Episode 6

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Mitch rescues Clementine, while Abe discovers that a combination of the baby’s DNA and the hybrids’ spinal fluid could provide a cure to the TX sterility. Meanwhile, Jamie and Logan learn about Abigail’s mysterious partner, Mr. Duncan, and try to identify him.