Donations for EGFLIX

First of all, Thank You for even considering about donating to


This donation will help pay for server costs as well as donate to the release groups that release the videos to the public. As we are grateful for all donations we have decided to give a bonus to all Donators who donate $5.00 or more. Every Donation of $5.00 or more will give a free 1 month or more Premium Membership depending on the donation. Example if someone donates $25.00 they will get 5 months Premium membership for the video. The Video Host Premium Membership allows the users to view all the videos on Egflix without popups or ads that comes from the video, as well as faster streaming. After making the donation within 12 hours, a email will be sent to the email you made the payment with containing details for your free premium membership account.

If your donating to renew your Premium please use the same email as your grifthost account.